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Who we are?

More than 30 years, designing and manufacturing shoes for the care and prevention of your feet.

D'Torres family business, was founded in 1986 by Mr. Juan Torres , professional in the world of footwear, with extensive experience in the manufacture of Orthopedic and therapeutic footwear.

Currently the D'Torres company manufactures and distributes their shoes in Europe and Canada, the major orthopedics, pharmacies and specialty footwear stores.

Quality and Service

D' Torres has a quality system based on the reference of greater recognition and current prestige, ISO 9001 certification, which controlled all critical processes (designs, purchasing, production, warehouse, etc.), all products are inspected and daily monitoring of orders of our clients is done.

The concept of quality applies to all activities, levels and people in the company, including not only products, but also the functions assigned to each person, internal and external relations and image offered abroad. Therefore D' towers we understand that all the equipment that we are this company, is a core value of the Organization, so we promote the formation and participation for the improvement of the processes.

DiabCare by D'Torres®. Recommended for people who need a comfortable shoe, and have sensitive foot, wide, with bunions, claw toes, or who suffer from diabetic foot pathology. Footwear made no internal seams, which prevents rods and erosions skin on the feet, cuidandolos and previendoles of ailments. The models made in this section, every pair of shoes leads incorporated a couple of template anatomical special, made with EVA and a layer of viscoelastic material, contributing to the shoe extra comfort, by the absorption of impacts that we produce to the walking, avoiding pain in the soles of the foot and the feeling of sore feet.
Sanitary footwear for professionals who need to stay long hours of foot work. Made with first quality components and designs and colors customizable to work clothes.
I + D
D' Torres it endorses a wide experience as comfortable shoes and quality developers. Our I+D Department designs shoes thinking about comfort and adaptation.
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